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Comarch e-Care
Remote Patient Monitoring for hospitals

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Comarch Remote Patient Monitoring for hospitals

To relieve current healthcare challenges such as an aging population, a higher number of chronically ill patients, growing costs, and demand for a better and personalized care, Comarch Healthcare offers an integrable remote patient monitoring solution for hospitals. This solution consists of a patient application, HomeHealth, and a hospital platform, Comarch e-Care. The Comarch remote patient monitoring solution improves access to healthcare services, enhances treatment outcomes, shortens hospitalisation and leads to fewer readmissions.


Comarch e-Care 

Comarch e-Care is a modular cloud-based platform with a user-friendly application that collects and analyses medical parameters recorded through integrated systems, applications, and connected medical devices from Comarch as well as 3rd party vendors. With Comarch e-Care, data from patients can be collected and viewed by healthcare providers in any location and at any time. The included pattern recognition system indicates abnormalities and alarms the healthcare providers automatically. 


  • Collection and management of healthcare data
  • Visual representation of healthcare data
  • Swift contact with patients
  • Integration of Comarch and 3rd party telemedicine devices
  • Integration with HIS & EHR systems


Comarch HomeHealth

Comarch HomeHealth is a patient application (iOS/Android) that collects data from measuring devices and makes this information accessible to the patient and his/her caregiver(s). The used set of Comarch or 3rd party monitoring devices can be tailored towards individual patient’s needs. The application simultaneously transmits the recorded data to Comarch e-Care for the use of patients’ data by HCPs.



Use Cases

  • Diabetes Monitoring:

 Peter, 45 years old, has been diagnosed with DiabetesII. In consultation with his doctor, he checks his blood glucose values several times a day. Comarch HomeHealth makes the measurement results automatically visible to Peter, sends him medication reminders, and transmits his data directly to Comarch e-Care. In this platform, Peter’s care provider views the results, gets automatic alarms, and can contact Peter in case of hypoglycemia of hyperglycemia. In addition, Peter can self-check his blood pressure with HomeHealth, which allows him to make less frequent visits to his GP while monitoring closely this key parameter.


  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Monitoring:

Annette, 36 years old, married to Jan, and the mother of two young kids, has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 32. Until now, the mental and physical impact of MS on her busy life has mainly been measured during visits to a neurologist twice a year. Today, with Comarch HomeHealth, she can record her symptoms in the application whenever she feels an evolution of the disease. This real-time data is sent to Comarch e-Care. In addition, Comarch HomeHealth sends medication reminders to Annette. In case of relapse, she can make a video-consultation with a healthcare provider to reassure her and likely avoid unnecessary admission to emergency services.


  • Pulmonology Monitoring:

Marie, 55 years old, has been suffering from COPD since she was 48. With Comarch’s remote patient monitoring, follow-up visits to the medical specialist, in which the course of the disease is determined, can take place from home. The measurements can be taken independently and are shared digitally with the physician. The consultation can take place via a video connection.


Case Study: MedicAir Group

MedicAir Group is a leading company in providing home oxygen therapy and pulmonary ventilators in Italy. For over 30 years, MedicAir has provided home care services to patients with chronic diseases, and complete support for physicians. MedicAir chose Comarch as technological partner due to its ability to provide unique IT solutions and integrated medical devices to monitor patients remotely. In particular, Comarch provides MedicAir with Comarch e-Care and Comarch HomeHealth, as well as a device connected to the pulmonary ventilator of patients and sharing data related to the setting of the machine as well as digital ECG signal and respiratory movement recorder monitoring patients’ cardiac activity constantly.




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