Hologic - Project Health Equality

Hologic - Project Health Equality
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Hologic has partnered with other forward-thinking organizations to drive change that will impact women's lives for generations. This includes ALL women, regardless of race, caste or creed.

Statistics show that Hispanic women are 40% more likely to be diagnosed with cervical cancer and 30% more likely to die from it than non-Hispanic white women. The death rate from breast cancer is nearly 40% higher in Black women. Uterine fibroids also disproportionately impact Black women. All these statistics need to change.

Hologic's Project Health Equality wants to bring more resources to the table and work with organisations with the values, vision and expertise to make a difference for Black and Hispanic women. The goal is to make cancer care more equitable for women of all backgrounds and ethnicity and to make cancer care more inclusive and whole.

Some of its key partners include Black Women's Health Imperative, National Alliance for Hispanic Health, RAD-AID.org and the Promise Fund of Florida.

Hologic believes in the remarkable things science can accomplish. It can offer better diagnosis, improve treatment and aid recovery, and provide answers that can save lives. But this science needs to be led without any bias. It should not deny quality care and treatment for any woman - Black, White or Brown. Bias can keep science from living up to its purpose, which is why this needs to change.

The challenges in cancer care are not just scientific. They are systemic and can only get better by eliminating racism and bias. There is a need for more diverse practitioners, more culturally competent resources, more inclusion in research and policy, and a greater commitment from the healthcare community.

Project Health Equality is Hologic's commitment to every black and brown woman who deserves better health. It's not just about science. It is about humanity.

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Published on : Wed, 13 Jul 2022

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breast cancer, cervical cancer, hologic, womens health care Hologic has partnered with other forward-thinking organizations to drive change that will impact women's lives for generations.

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