Virtual hospital app becomes reality

Virtual hospital app becomes reality
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With the launch of Samitivej "Virtual Hospital" app, Thai patients will have a convenient way to consult with specialist doctors – anywhere they are and anytime they want to. In addition to teleconsultation services, the online hospital also offers home delivery of medication or home visits to take blood samples ([email protected]).

Importantly, the services offered by the Samitivej Virtual Hospital do not require appointments to be made in advance. The "Virtual Hospital" app can be downloaded or installed on a mobile phone or tablet device. The online hospital has a team of doctors from various fields (internal medicine, paediatrics, emergency services), nurses and multidisciplinary experts.

The virtual hospital’s telemedicine consultation service provides round-the-clock medical advice via a video call with Samitivej’s doctors and nurses. The consultation fee is 500 baht (approx. US$15.78) per 15 minutes, and patients using the service receive a 20% discount on medications.

Regarding [email protected], patients can have their blood samples taken in the comfort of their home and blood samples will be sent to the laboratory immediately. As for Medication Delivery service, medicines will be delivered to patients in sealed bags or boxes. Medicines that require careful temperature management will be transported in a temperature-controlled environment.

Samitivej Hospital Group, a private hospital brand in Thailand with a network of eight hospitals, teamed up with six leading companies to launch the virtual hospital services: Advanced Info Service, Line Thailand, Muang Thai Life Assurance, Siam Commercial Bank, Sansiri and SCG Cement-Building.

"We took on this project in order to break free from the limitations of a physical hospital, be that in terms of long traveling times to receive services and pick up medication, or the complications and obstacles that may arise from only providing services in certain locations," according to a company statement posted in Samitivej website. 

In addition, Samitivej Virtual Hospital places the utmost importance on every stage of data security by working in accordance with the key principles laid down by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the international standard to which hospitals across the globe adhere.

There is also a Samitivej Virtual Hospital control room located at Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital that has been designed with the specific purpose of enhancing the Samitivej Virtual Hospital experience. “A significant challenge in today’s healthcare industry is to move beyond digital disruption and service providers need to keep up with trends, innovate and develop new service models to continuously meet the needs of consumers in all sectors,” said Chairat Panthuraamphorn, Managing Director and Chief Executive of Samitivej Hospitals and BNH Hospital, in a statement. 

There are also plans to expand the Virtual Hospital service to BNH Hospital in the future, he added.

Source: Samitivej Hospital Group
Image credit: Samitivej Hospital Group

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Published on : Tue, 19 Mar 2019

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mhealth, Healthcare, virtual reality, Apps, virtual hospital With the launch of Samitivej "Virtual Hospital" app, Thai patients will have a convenient way to consult with specialist doctors – anywhere they are and...

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