Smashing Patient Data Silos with Blockchain

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Ideally, with digital technology, storing and sharing of healthcare data can be done in a breeze. Despite widening use of EHRs, however, sharing of patient data between provider organisations remains difficult. This problem highlights the lack of interoperability in medical records. 


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Breaking down "data silos" is what the new EHR Data Inc.–nChain alliance aims to do. The Texas-based EHR Data, a subsidiary of the National Health Coalition (NHC), recently announced it will partner with nChain to migrate NHC healthcare data to Bitcoin SV (BSV). 


The partnership will create a new system to be known as the global electronic healthcare record (G-EHR). Already in a proof-of-concept stage, G-EHR hopes to promote global interoperability by uniting the data silos together. 


While EHR Data could have easily created a private database for consolidating medical records, such a platform would not have key elements – such as trust and immutability – that a public blockchain like BSV can offer, according to Ron Austring, president of Daedalos Inc.   


The G-EHR, developed with patented technology from both EHR Data and nChain, will ensure protection of patient privacy, through the use of private keys and encryption. As such, patients’ personal profile will be obfuscated even when sensitive data is being shared with other parties. 


What's more, patients will have control on who can access their medical data. With this functionality, according to the two companies, it will be possible to have patient loyalty rewards such as incentivising them to live in a healthy manner. 


The partnership is also working on a global workflow engine (G-WFE) to provide a single universal source of truth. G-WFE will rely on the Bitcoin SV blockchain to provide real-time financial processes and the BSV token to settle payments. 



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Published on : Wed, 4 Mar 2020

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