MEDICON: Cutting Edge Tech Talks

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The XIV MEDICON Mediterranean edition taking place at the end of this month has announced its programme with technology themes in biological computing and engineering a big part of the agenda.

The three-day Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing congress is taking place in Paphos, Cyprus from March 31 to April 2.

“Medicon 2016 provides a common platform for the cross fertilisation of ideas, and to help shape knowledge and scientific achievements by bridging complementary disciplines into an interactive and attractive forum under the special theme of the conference that is Systems Medicine for the Delivery of Better Healthcare Services,” a press release said.

Talks on tech include Cognitive Computing for eHealth, mHealth Medical Video Communication Systems, Wearable Sensors and Sensor Networks, Robotics, Gamification and Integrated HTA and FMECA Methodology for the Evaluation of Robotic Surgery. 

Further special sessions include research and development papers, complementary disciplines and plenaries.

Under the umbrella of ‘Systems Medicine for the Delivery of Better Healthcare Services’, there are ten tracks in focus during the event. They are:


·          Biomedical Signal Processing;

·          Biomedical Imaging & Image Processing;

·          Bioinstrumentation, Biosensors & Bio-Micro/Nano Technologies;

·          Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Systems Biology;

·          Biomechanics, Robotics and Rehabilitation;

·          Therapeutic and Diagnostic Systems, Devices and Technologies;

·          Healthcare Information Systems & Telemedicine;

·          Technologies for Active Ageing & Wellbeing;

·          Biomedical Engineering Education & Society;

·          Clinical Engineering and Health Technology Assessment.


“Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing cover complementary disciplines that hold great promise for the advancement of research and development in complex medical and biological systems. Research and development in these areas are impacting the science and technology by advancing fundamental concepts in translational medicine, by helping us understand human physiology and function at multiple levels, by improving tools and techniques for the detection, prevention and treatment of disease”.

Source: Medicon
Image Credit: Medicon

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Published on : Mon, 28 Mar 2016

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