Israeli Hospital Prepares Telemedicine for COVID-19


WHO renamed COVID-19 on February 11 in a bid to avoid inaccuracies or de-stigmatisation stemming from the name of the coronavirus.


Meanwhile, the respiratory virus has opened doors to technological applications that range from telemedicine to AI integration.


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The Sheba Medical Centre, the largest hospital in Israel, launched a telemedicine programme in a bid to control virus spread.


The two-fold programme is being tested on suspected COVID-19 patient cases.


A Vici telemedicine solution designed by American virtual healthcare com pany Intouch Health, is being deployed. Medical staff control this robot outside a painter’s room, reducing the risk of infection spread. The robot checks patient’s vital signs.


The centre also plans to utilise telemedicine for monitoring of less-ill patients from the comfort of their own homes, again, reducing the possibility of virus spread. The set up will also serve as an alternative to short-supply isolation rooms.


Source: The Jerusalem Post

Image credit: iStock


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Published on : Wed, 12 Feb 2020

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