EU Telehealth Interoperability in Spotlight

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Six European Union (EU) countries have asked the eHealth Network for a road map on telemedicine interoperability across borders.
In a letter to the eHealth Network, healthcare leaders from Denmark, Norway, Austria, Finland, Sweden and Catalonia have said they support the furtherment of telemedicine and in employing it on a large scale but want “cross regional and even cross-national coordination.”
“Large scale deployment of telehealth systems … has considerable potential to move healthcare from the hospital to the home, empower citizens and patients with timely information, and improve the health and the quality of life of patients and their families,” they wrote.
To surmount technical challenges like interoperability, the EU states have three requests:
•    Plan for a review of an “end-to-end interoperability framework based on international standards for personal connected health,” aiming for a standardised approach throughout the EU.
•    Support of large-scale deployment of telemedicine at a large scale and its benefits.
•    Target the “the market dynamics” for telemedicine. “The ongoing work of initiatives such as the Personal Connected Health Alliance has started to move the needle, but for a market breakthrough we need more countries and regions to join,” they wrote.
In return, the leaders pledged to share their experiences in deploying interoperable personal connected health with the network.
The eHealth Network operates under the umbrella of the European Commission.

Source: FierceHealthcare
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Published on : Mon, 27 Jun 2016

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