2023 Thought Leader EHTEL Symposium

2023 Thought Leader EHTEL Symposium

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Digital health implementation: It’s a collaborative business


This year the EHTEL Symposium is organised, in-person, as part of the Digital Health and Data Week, 28 November-1 December 2023.

Digital health implementation is all about collaboration. Everyone in the rich and wide-ranging digital health ecosystem needs to be involved. Many different stakeholders and players have to play their part. Indeed, everyone is in this activity together. It really does take a whole 'orchestra' to achieve success!

This 2023 Thought Leader Symposium brought to you by EHTEL offers you lots of ideas for how to handle your own implementation challenges. It presents you with stories on how a wide variety of different players have themselves been successful when implementing digital health. The fields of application are wide. Geographically, they range from the local/regional, to national, European, and international. Institutionally, they cover community and organisational contexts as well as clinical, medical, and medicinal settings. Topic-wise, expect coverage of applications that range from personal health records, ePreascribing, to generative artificial intelligence (AI). Anticipate lots of attention to how these challenges have all been met through collaborative ventures.

This year the EHTEL Symposium is being organised in the frame of the Digital Health and Data Week: the result of the collaboration between EHTEL, I~HD, and the UNICOM project consortium. The three are partnering to work on digital health solutions and data that result in the provision of real value for care and research. All three days of the week include complementary topics: their content creates a lot of synergy.

EHTEL Symposium Highlights

On 29 November 2023, EHTEL's Thought Leader Symposium focuses on "Digital Health Implementation: It's a Collaborative Business". As the title suggests, key topics include implementation, collaboration, and business.
A dedicated plenary session opens with a focus on Europe's large-scale projects in health and care, and how they have succeeded in providing concrete, workable answers to interoperability and patient access to data.
Parallel sessions are then on offer throughout the day. Three sessions concentrate on digital health solutions, more specifically on:
  • Digital health solutions adoption and upscaling
  • Deploying health in the community
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare: use of generative AI
Three other sessions cover digital health topics with a clinical, medical, or medicinal slant:
  • Medicines data integration for clinical use: New implementation pattern
  • Key architectural concepts for an integrated governance: The Medicinal Products database example
  • A flexible and reliable circle of trust among organisations: Best practice implementations
There is also at least one option for EHTEL members wanting to cover the latest 'hot topics'.
Core to the content of 29 November 2023 is learning from the kinds of experiences that will help plan and put into practice actions that lead to success in implementation today and in the future; and, moreover, how to do so in a way that highlights collaboration.
The day comes to a close with an exploration of how the IT sector in particular can help to enable future directions in value-based healthcare. The topic provides a constructive lead-in to the two following days of the week.

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