Varian Wireless X-Ray Image Detectors at ECR

Varian Wireless X-Ray Image Detectors at ECR
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Digital X-ray image detectors that are portable, fast, reliable, usable around the world, and capable of generating highly detailed images at low dose rates are among the X-ray imaging system components that Varian Medical Systems will be showing at ECR. 

"We will be showing our new PaxScan® 4336W wireless image detector, which was engineered to be dose efficient and capable of providing excellent image quality, even at low doses," says Steve Kimmel, vice president of sales and marketing for Varian X-Ray Products. "These detectors were designed for use in systems that can provide clinicians with the details they need to make accurate medical decisions while keeping X-ray dose to a minimum."

The PaxScan 4336W is a dual band detector licensed for use in most markets. It can transmit image data in real-time across a very reliable wireless link. "Even with the panel inside a cassette tray, or down below the X-ray table, the transmission rates stay consistently high," says Rick Colbeth, vice president of engineering for Varian imaging products. "Quality images can be generated very quickly."

The wireless panel also includes a built in diagnostic program that provides a way to continuously monitor the "health" of the unit for faster, easier servicing.

Varian will also showcase the following X-ray imaging products and technologies:

  • The PaxScan® 4343CB is an advanced radiography and fluoroscopy panel that delivers high quality X-ray images as well as excellent low-dose fluoroscopic images, showing motion at up to 60 frames per second. "This panel has one of the smallest pixel sizes available, which yields a higher quality image in terms of resolution," Colbeth says.
  • The PaxScan® 3024M is a full field digital mammography detector designed for rapid image acquisition and tomosynthesis. "This technology enables customers to extend the capabilities and efficiencies of digital mammography into emerging markets and mobile screening applications," says Kimmel.
  • The PaxPower™ M-1500 X-ray tube was developed specifically for advanced mammography applications such as tomosynthesis and CT scanning. Its space-efficient design enables high quality imaging in the chest wall region, as well as the power to enable sophisticated slit scanning and photon counting approaches that can yield higher contrast when imaging large or dense areas.
  • Varian's InfiMed image processing software and workstations offer advanced imaging algorithms for processing data from radiographic flat panel image detectors, dynamic detectors, and legacy image intensifier systems. "Our imaging workstations enable customers to add digital dynamic or radiographic productivity to their portfolios, reducing time to market and enhancing their competitive position," Kimmel says.

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Published on : Wed, 6 Mar 2013

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ECR, Wireless, X-ray Digital X-ray image detectors that are portable, fast, reliable, usable around the world, and capable of generating highly detailed images at low dose rate...

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