The View from Italy and More: ESR Free COVID-19 Training

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In support of radiologists and learning during the COVID-19 crisis, the European Society of Radiologists (ESR) is currently offering free access to services that were previously only accessible with a subscription.


Radiology has a key role to play in the battle against COVID-19 through diagnosing the disease, tracking its development and assessing the effectiveness of various trial treatments for the virus.


Many seminars on ESR Connect are available on demand.


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To this end, ESR is offering online seminars and training events to help widen and deepen radiologists’ knowledge of how their discipline can help in the COVID-19 care continuum.


Seminar topics include:


Collaboration for safe workflows

Potential COVID-19 treatment

Insights from Italy in the fight against COVID-19

Maintaining imaging service for other illnesses under COVID-19 pressure.


To help shape future topics on ESR Connect, the radiology body is also inviting radiologists to tell them what they need to learn about.


For more details about ESR Connect, click here.


Source: ESR

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Published on : Tue, 14 Apr 2020

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free seminars ESR COVID-19 Training ESR is offering free online COVID-19 training and seminars for radiologists.

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