ICU Management & Practice, Volume 18 - Issue 3, 2018

Highlights from the I-I-I Blog

Highlights from the I-I-I Blog
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Jean Baptiste Lascarrou

Medical Intensive Care Unit, Nantes University Hospital, France

Epinephrine for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

“Epinephrine (or adrenaline for EU physicians) has alpha-adrenergic action which leads to increased coronary blood flow but also beta-adrenergic action that can lead to the recurrence of VF/VT and can also impair cerebral microvascular blood flow. Additionally, recent data from randomised controlled trials on cardiogenic shock) or meta-analysis highlight poor outcome associated with epinephrine use. In this context, clinical trial of drug use with only “alpha-adrenergic” action such as norepinephrine deserves attention.”

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Linda Kennemar

Critical Care Nurse - Nyköping Hospital, Sweden

How ICU diaries can help patients and families

“The importance of the diaries is demonstrated when patients have vivid memories and the diaries are able to provide explanations. For example, a patient remembers his throat being cut with a knife; the diary tells the patient he had a central venous catheter put in and we can then explain the procedure to him. Patients have such wide-ranging comments. It is often a relief for them to tell us stories their relatives don’t believe and sometimes we can help them find some kind of reality in the story or just reassure them that it can be like that after ICU.”

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Pieter Depuydt

Head of Clinic - Department of Intensive Care, Ghent University Hospital, Belgium

Antibiotic decisions in the ICU: a dragon’s tale

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«« Clinical significance of viral detection in critically ill patients

Sink traps source of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in ICU »»

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(I expert, I question, I answer)  Have you got something to say? Visit  or contact ... Read more

(I expert, I question, I answer)  A selection from the ICU Management & Practice I-I-I blog. Have you got something to say? Visit... Read more

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