28th ESRA-SPAIN Annual Meeting 2022

28th ESRA-SPAIN Annual Meeting 2022

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As president and on behalf of the Organizing and Scientific Committee, we welcome you to the city of Donostia-San Sebastián, where the 28th ESRA-Spain Annual Meeting is scheduled to be held on September 28, 29 and 30, 2022.

We have tried to offer an attractive and innovative scientific program that meets everyone's expectations after a period of 2 harsh years of pandemic that has prevented us from interacting as we were used to, and in all of us we have had to overcome many difficulties, both personal and professional, to carry out our healthcare task. We hope that, by then, we will have returned to a situation that allows it to be carried out as normally as possible and in which we can once again exchange enriching experiences. We would like our congress to serve everyone as a meeting point for updating, a forum for debate and discussion, in which professionals involved in different fields of anesthesiology, especially in regional anesthesia and pain, design our living space for coexistence and continuing education.

The Organizing Committee would like to thank the ESRA Board of Directors for the trust they have placed in us and that we are convinced we will not disappoint. Also our recognition to the Pharmaceutical Industry, without whose collaboration it would not be possible to return to normality and continuity of these scientific acts. Our thanks also to the local entities of the Basque Autonomous Community and the municipal authorities of Donostia San Sebastián for their unconditional support.

Locoregional anesthesia and pain management have undergone an impressive development in the last twenty years, from being little known or practiced skills to being one of the most important bodies of knowledge in the field. The use of technologies such as ultrasound, radio frequency and spinal cord stimulation have greatly contributed to this. Thanks to all of them, both surgeries that previously required prolonged hospitalization and high-risk general anesthesia, as well as the multidisciplinary approach to patients with chronic pain, are now addressed with a loco regional technique and a short-stay admission. We hope to address all these aspects during the 28th ESRA-Spain Annual Meeting.

In addition to scientific knowledge, we wish you to enjoy your stay in Donostia-San Sebastián, a city that surprises with its spectacular geographical setting, between the sea and the mountains. This incomparable setting is located around a beautiful Bahía de la Concha presided over by the Miramar Palace, limited to the West by Eduardo Chillida's " Wind Comb ", and to the East by the sculpture " Empty Construction " by Jorge Oteiza on Paseo Nuevo. and in the lighthouse of Santa Clara Island by the recently inaugurated " Hondalea"by Christina Iglesias. We also want you to enjoy an excellent leisure and restaurant offer, both in restaurants with a Michelin star, and in pincho bars in its endearing Old Town. In short, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, you are welcome, and I invite you to enjoy the Congress and the city.

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