CleanMed Europe: Let’s Talk About Sustainable Healthcare

CleanMed Europe: Let’s Talk About Sustainable Healthcare
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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a substantial impact on all aspects of healthcare, including its sustainability. The need for more sustainable systems is now clear as never before, and from 23 November till 3 December healthcare leaders are sharing ideas, innovations, challenges and solutions at CleanMed Europe, Europe’s leading conference on sustainable healthcare.


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We know from past editions of CleanMed Europe that one of the things our attendees value the most is connecting with like-minded sustainable healthcare leaders with similar interests and challenges. Knowing that you’re not alone and sharing experiences with one another helps inspire and motivate us every day,” says Healthcare Without Harm, the conference organisers, in a statement.


This year CleanMed Europe is being held in the virtual space for the first time. It focusses on leadership for sustainable healthcare and on ways to not only reduce healthcare sector’s environmental footprint but also drive the change at the policy and market levels, necessary to reduce environmental harm and support human health and well-being. Bringing together healthcare professionals, policy-makers, sustainability practitioners and healthcare leaders, the conference showcases cutting-edge practices in sustainable healthcare and provides an opportunity for meaningful discussions. The sessions are grouped into themed conference tracks covering topics such as climate-smart healthcare, sustainable food, or circular healthcare.


23 November

Opening panel - Perspectives on leadership for sustainable healthcare

Ensuring transparency and increasing sustainability in the pharmaceutical supply chain

Circular healthcare: Where to start?


24 November

Green buildings/infrastructure in healthcare

Decarbonisation of pharmaceutical and medical devices: Perspectives on the roadmap

Plant forward diets: Good for your health and the planet


25 November

Medical textiles - why tackling chemistry is critical

Infection prevention: Is there a room for safer disinfectants and sustainable use of antimicrobials?

Creating engagement: Sustainable nutrition in healthcare facilities

Saving Carbon, Improving Care

Enhancing AMR education in European medical schools


27 November

Low-carbon healthcare in the Mediterranean Region

Safer medical devices: 2020 Progress checklist

Clinicians engaging with the global environmental movement


30 November

(Zero) waste in Circular Healthcare

How clinicians can reduce the environmental impact of healthcare


1 December

Growing food for healthcare

Reducing pharmaceutical waste and improving access to medicines

Leadership for a Carbon Net Zero Health System: The Power of Collaboration

2 December

Carbon impacts of operating theatres/rooms

Collaborating to achieve healthcare circularity

Sustainable Procurement Guide and case studies


3 December

Reusable PPE: Before and after COVID-19

How Nurses can take climate action: Presenting the Nurses Climate Challenge

Climate leadership in European healthcare

Leadership in Action: Becoming the world's first net-zero health service


Detailed agenda is available here.


Participation is free. You can register here and attend any number of sessions.

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Published on : Tue, 24 Nov 2020

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