HealthManagement, Volume 19 - Issue 3, 2019

Highlights from the I-I-I Blog

Highlights from the I-I-I Blog
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(I expert, I question, I answer) 

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Diane Bell

Healthcare Expert - PA Consulting, UK



‘Post-Brexit: should UK healthcare become more European?’ 
"Even without Brexit, the NHS needs to think long and hard about how it can best meet the demands of an ageing population and a population that expects the service to fit round it. To address this, we should look beyond the current political rhetoric and be open to the positive lessons we can draw from our European neighbours."
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Chris McCahan 

Chief Investment Officer and Global Sector Lead for healthcare services  - International Finance Corporation, USA



‘Making ethics the business of healthcare’
“The more ethically responsible you act, the more patients you attract, the higher quality staff you retain, and consequently the better you perform as a business.” 
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Gregory A. Garrett

Head of U.S. & International Cybersecurity Advisory Services - BDO, USA




‘How to be one step ahead of healthcare cyber hackers’

"It is far easier to be a cyber-attacker to find one cyber vulnerability to gain access to valuable information, than to be the cyber security analyst (defender) and try to defend a large organisation. Healthcare needs to make real cyber security a top priority."

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Chelsea Beecher

Director of Development - American Heart & Stroke Association, USA




‘Innovator of the year’

“We’re making an incredible impact by connecting young women to mentors and engaging them in STEM activities outside the classroom, but we are also funding more heart and stroke research, community programmes, tools, and resources.” 

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