HealthManagement, Volume 20 - Issue 7, 2020

The Promise of Remote Solutions

Hologic Iberia shares their experience of providing remote-based support to clinicians in hospitals in Spain during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges, switching to remote interaction proved to be a success thanks to the expertise of Hologic’s teams. This may now become a new promising direction for the company.

In March, hospitals across Spain began making an unprecedented appeal to Hologic Iberia’s Breast and Skeletal Health Solutions Team: to find a way to help guide them through complex breast biopsies involving Hologic’s 3Dimensions™ and Affirm® systems – even as Hologic couldn’t provide onsite support because of COVID-19.

Since the coronavirus pandemic took hold across Europe, medical centers have canceled their non-emergency procedures, instead concentrating on treating COVID-19 patients and others with the most urgent conditions, including women who quickly need biopsies because they face aggressive breast cancers.

Like staff from other medical technology companies, Hologic’s field-based teams are largely avoiding in-person visits with customers during the pandemic because of social distancing guidelines.

In Spain, Hologic had never conducted remote-based support for breast biopsies, but the new challenge energized the Clinical Applications Team. Members of the team worked rapidly to identify a solution, and brainstormed with colleagues to determine the best way to provide support to our customers.

“We were a little nervous as we started planning,” said Lourdes Lobato, the Clinical Applications Team Leader. “But we were also confident because we know the biopsy equipment really well and because we have built very strong, close relationships with our customers.”

In turn, those healthcare providers trust Hologic’s confidence.

“They see the quality and expertise that we always bring, and the care we have for them and patients. We have built trust over time during in-person visits, where we provide initial and ongoing training. We are available for them whenever they need us, and that dedication generates a lot of trust,” said Javier Pozo, the Breast and Skeletal Health Solutions Marketing Manager for Hologic Iberia.

This video screen capture shows a breast biopsy team in Ibiza, Spain thanking Hologic for our remote guidance during a procedure.

Hologic started a pilot project to find solutions. For each biopsy procedure, cooperating with the Hospital’s IS department, Hologic connects with the designated hospital’s computer. As Hologic’s Connectivity Team ensures a stable secure, and smooth connection, the Clinical Applications Team monitors the entire procedure remotely via virtual communication platforms.

Lobato and the other Clinical Applications Specialists guide healthcare providers on upcoming steps and actions with the biopsy device. Hologic Iberia has provided such support for about 20 breast biopsies – always with prior consent from the patients.

“Our solution has added another level of trust and appreciation because our customers value the convenience and technological versatility we’re offering,” Lobato said. “Nothing will replace face-to-face relationships, but this kind of remote interaction can increase flexibility and efficiency for everyone and enables us to support our customers during this difficult time.”

Building on the success of the biopsy project, Hologic Iberia aims to offer more remote-based support. Possible additions include boosting distance education and training with specialized software, webinars and other resources.

Whether it’s onsite or remote-based service, Pozo said the goal remains the same for him and his coworkers: “We do our best to help patients achieve the best possible outcome. In the case of breast biopsies done during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re helping women to still receive a timely diagnosis, so they can move on with their lives and treatment if needed. That’s a gratifying experience for us.”

We Are Hologic

As a leading innovative medical technology company primarily focused on improving women’s health and well-being through early detection and treatment, we strive to make advances toward greater certainty for our customers by providing them with cutting-edge technology that makes a real difference. We move to narrow the gap between doubt and confidence and work to achieve both incremental and transformational progress to improve patients’ lives. We are passionate and resolute in our purpose; we call it The Science of Sure. This ethos is extended throughout our core offerings: Breast & Skeletal Health, Diagnostic, and GYN Surgical Solutions. We believe it is our responsibility to offer our customers ever-greater certainty – what we call progressive certainty – by pushing the boundaries of science. We act with integrity. We innovate with determination. We are Hologic.

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