HealthManagement, Volume 17 - Issue 1, 2017

Jean-Louis Vincent

Jean-Louis Vincent

Editor-in-Chief, ICU Management & Practice
Professor of Intensive Care Medicine, University of Brussels

Our health is our most precious good and helping people whose health is damaged or at stake is the highest privilege on earth

Management Tip:


Make everybody happy… and make sure they can take their responsibilities without excessive reliance on your opinion. Buddha said, “Do not believe in what I said, but think about it.” I think it is a great principle.

The full Zoom On interview with Jean-Louis Vincent and more healthcare IT and radiology leaders can be found in our Blog section

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Zoom On,Jean-Louis Vincent,Editor-in-Chief ICU, ICU, Intensive Care Medicine Zoom On Jean-Louis Vincent, Editor-in-Chief ICU, Management & Practice, Professor of Intensive Care Medicine, University of Brussels

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