AI-Powered Clinical Decision Support in Prostate Cancer Care

AI-Powered Clinical Decision Support in Prostate Cancer Care
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Prostate cancer is a common disease that can often be quite tricky to deal with. It is a heterogeneous disease, with some patients having a very aggressive form of cancer while others with slower progression of the disease. Management and care of patients with prostate cancer is thus a complex and long-term challenge. Patients require surveillance, and healthcare providers have to choose the timing and modality of imaging wisely and carefully.


Misdiagnosis is also a common problem with prostate cancer. According to reports, 75% of clinical practice guidelines lack the necessary tools for accurate risk stratification. 26% of oncology treatment plans are inappropriate, often due to non-adherence to guidelines.


The AI-Pathway Companion Prostate Cancer, a clinical decision support tool from Siemens Healthineers, is designed to improve operational inefficiencies, reduce unwarranted variation and enhance patient-provider interaction. The tool can be implemented and used by clinicians, IT departments and industry partners.


The AI-Pathway Companion can help providers choose the best diagnostic modality at different stages of the disease. It can also facilitate risk assessment so that the right therapeutic pathway can be chosen. The system brings together all relevant patient information allowing clinicians to visualise individual risk and care pathways and make informed decisions. In addition, AI-powered CDS can result in rapid decisions to ensure early diagnosis and treatment and improved survival and decreased symptoms.


The utility of Siemens Healthineers’ AI-Pathway Companion is not limited to prostate cancer but can also be used in non-oncological fields such as neurology, rheumatology, immunology and cardiology.


Source: Siemens Healthineers

Image Credit: Siemens Healthineers


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Published on : Tue, 9 Nov 2021

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